Would I change my definition of zombies?

After looking back on my previous definition of a zombie, and now hang ENGL 3722 under my belt, I thought about my definition of a zombie, and what it is now, and I have to say, I would not change the way I view zombies. I still feel that zombies have to have greenish/greyish skin, as well as have to be missing some body parts, like an eyeball or a limb. I also feel that the only way to kill them is to shot them in the head, and they have to be monsters that all they want to do is kill you, as well pass on the plague through their bite.

Many of the readings we did followed my definition of a zombie, like World War Z and Pride and Prejudice+ Zombies. Although, unlike in Pride and Prejudice + Zombies, my view of zombies is once you are bit, you are going to become a full-fledged zombie, and do not have to eat human brains to do so.

I have never been a huge fans of zombies, but if someone asked me this question last year, this would be my response: That it is a dead human/monster that is after your brains, and you should do everything in your power to stay clear of them. A zombie is not someone who succumbs to the plague, but can still be reasoned with, but someone, even if it was your best friend,just wants to eat you know.


Is Canada a good place to be in the zombie apocalypse?

After carefully considering this question, I believe that Canada is a good place to be if the zombie apocalypse ever happens. Firstly, Canada is a pretty remote country, so we already know how to ruff it. For example, there is so much nature and wilderness, so many Canadian citizens will go camping in the summer, or if they are really dedicated, the other three seasons as well. So, because of this, many already have some form of a survival kit ready for camping. So, if the zombies ever do make their way to Canada, many already have a kit to help them survive in the woods when they are fleeing the zombies.

Secondly, since there are many off the map roads in Canada for people to travel on, there is always a chance that your car might break down. So many Canadians, even if they do not go camping, might still keep an emergency food stash in their car, as well as a first-aid kit, and maybe even a blanket if its winter to keep them from freezing to death.

Thirdly, Canada is a pretty cold country, so Canadians are already accustomed to living in the cold, as well as have the proper clothing for this season. This puts us at a huge disadvantage from our American neighbors. Many of them will be fleeing up here in hopes of escaping the zombies, but they are not going to be prepared to deal with the cold like we will be, so we will survive longer.

Lastly, cities and towns are more spread out in Canada. This means that we will have a slightly lower chance in running into the zombies compared to the United States. There are so many populated areas down there that more will be affected, which means more zombies to kill and flee. I’m not saying Canada will not have to deal with the zombies, but it will just be easier for us to avoid them as well as have a (hopefully) smaller break out.

After looking at these predicaments, I do feel that Canada is s safe country to be in if the zombie apocalypse ever happens.

Zombies in the film Pride and Prejudice + Zombies

This blog post I will be focusing on the zombies that are portrayed in Pride and Prejudice + Zombies. On the surface, the zombies seem like any ‘normal’ zombie that come to mind. They are practically decayed, with body parts missing, and their main goal is to hunt down humans and devour them. However, one thing I found about the zombies in this film that stood out to me is when someone is bitten, they do not become full fledged zombies until they eat a human’s flesh. Once that takes place, then they become zombies, or as they are called in the film ‘unmentionables,’ then they lose all sense of reason.

However, before they get a taste for human flesh, they may start decaying, but they have not lost their reason. They are still able to communicate with people, and go about doing ordinary things like they were able to as humans, like going shopping. However, they are not able to go out in public because one of two things would happen: people will either run away screaming, or they will be killed instantly.

When I first saw that zombie interacting with Elizabeth at the beginning of the film, I was very confused as to why this zombie was not trying to kill her. Roughly half way through the film, it is all made clear as to why that is. Wickham brings Elizabeth to this society of unmentionables (sorry, but I forgot the name of the place) and Elizabeth is baffled by all the zombies sitting in the room like they are humans attending church. Wickham goes onto to explain that the reason that they have not fully turned zombie is because they have been eating pig brains, so they are satisfying their hunger, but also keeping their human logic and reason with them.

I found this interesting because many of the zombie works I have either read, or more likely just been told about, or it just goes against my image of an zombie, I found this intriguing. To me, this was a unique approach on how the zombie works, and I found it refreshing.

Pride and Prejudice + Zombies the film

So, a few weeks ago, I watched Pride and Prejudice + Zombies for the first time. I was on Netflix one day, and I just happened to stumble across it. So, thinking of this class because I know we will be discussing the book soon, I decided to watch it, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. When I clicked start, I thought this was going to be a boring movie. However, was I ever wrong! I enjoyed the movie so much that at some point, I plan to go back and watch it again. My favorite part of the film would have to be the interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth. I am not a romantic person, and am satisfied with watching one romance movie, or reading a romance novel, a year. However, I enjoyed Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship, and the build up to it. Plus, it was not a super cheesy romance either that you see in a lot of other work.

One of my favorite scenes would have to be after Darcy proposed to her the first time, but she said no. A little later on, when Jane and Elizabeth head off to rescue their sister, she is reunited with Darcy, and together, fight off the zombies that are emerging from the ground. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was super happy when they were reunited.

However, one of the scenes that pulled at my heartstrings was when Darcy and Elizabeth galloped their horse across the exploding bridge, escaping the zombies. When the debris somewhat clears, Elizabeth finds Darcy’s body, and at that moment, I did not know if he was alive or not, especially with the camera zooming out from from them. I was devastated! If Darcy died, I would hate the movie for the rest of my life. However, once Darcy enters the room and proposes to Elizabeth again, I was so happy, I was practically bouncing up and down in my seat.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film, and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Questions I might ask Christopher Jessulat

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am looking forward to Christopher Jessulat coming in next week to discuss his book The Decline next week. I love to write fictional novels, so my questions will be based more on his writing process.

1.How and why did you start writing?

2.What was your favorite book to write?

3. Your least favorite book to write?

4.Why choose to write about zombies?

5.Would you write about any other kinds of monsters?

6.What is your general writing process when writing a novel?

7.How long does it take to edit and publish a book?

These are some of the questions I would like to ask Christopher, and I hope it will help my own writing. I’m sure I will think of more questions before next week!

Presentation Blog

In my presentation tomorrow, I will be discussing zombie folktales from three different parts of the world: Arabia, Iceland, and Tibet, and will talk about the Arabic ghoul, the Norse Draugr, with its history still being present in Iceland and Norway today, as well as the Tibetan ro-langs. In my presentation, I will give a little bit of background on each, as well as a story involving each kind of zombie. There is a total of four stories, and I am going to tell you right now that some of them are quite weird, but you will have to wait and find out for yourselves tomorrow. Below are links of the sources that I use in my presentation, but I could not discuss in full. So, after listening to my presentation, and you want to read more about my material, these are the links below:




In addition, below I will post links of related and/or other zombie folktales that can be found around the world:


This link talks about how Korea has formed their own definition of a zombie, and some call it the Han, where zombies are not man-eating monsters, but still possess their human emotions, and feel sad about using their humanity.


In this article, Lucy Swanson talks about how zombies are viewed differently from different parts of the world, and talks about zombies in works such as Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.


Lastly, this article looks at the difference between folktales and myths of zombies versus the horror movie versions of zombies that I’m sure you are more familiar with.

if there anything else you guys would like to find and post in an upcoming post, feel free to leave a comment or ask me after my presentation. I hope all of you are looking forward to tomorrow!

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World War Z cont’d

As I mentioned previously, one of my favorite sections to read in this book was the Kyoto, Japan, which starts on page 204. I honestly cannot say why I liked this section, but I did. I guess one of the reasons could be that I can relate to him a little. I have always enjoyed being alone, even when I was a kid. Now that I am older, I like to stay in my room and have nobody bother me. However, one part I found funny, but also concerning, was when his parents stopped coming home. I found the line “The only reason I cared was because of the precious minutes I was wasting having to feed myself. In my world too many exciting things were happening.” (Brooks, 207). I found it funny because I was just picturing him trying to cook something. In my mind, I read it in the context that he never tried to cook anything in his life, and I was imagining his struggle with the food and pots and pans in the kitchen, but not knowing how to use them.

However, what I found concerning was that that was the only reason he seemed to care about his parents, was that he was wasting time getting his own food. If I were in his shoes, I would be terrified, thinking that I was stuck in this horrible world all by myself, as well as not knowing if my parents were dead or not.

Another aspect I enjoyed was reading this poor boy’s struggle on escaping the zombies. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking “Wow, this would be me!” He was living a perfectly normal life, until one day, he was thrown into the world of zombies, and had to figure it out as he went. I guess when I really think about it, though, must people will be in this category. I can say with confidence that none of my friends and family are preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

I have not finished this novel yet, but I am almost done. I definitely plan to finish it because I am really enjoying it. It’s a page turning novel, and I especially enjoyed all the cultural aspects of it. When I first started reading the novel, I knew it was also a movie, so I went and watched the trailer on YouTube. The trailer seemed exciting, although from what I saw it did not follow the book. However, I would like to watch the movie, and do a compare and contrast between the two in a future blog post.