Is the internet our coffee house?

Is the internet our coffee house? I know we discussed this in class yesterday, and many of you agreed that the internet is our coffee house. I mostly agree with this question, but there is also one major difference that makes me feel that the internet is not our coffee house.

First of all, i do agree that the internet is our coffee house. As we learned from Abby’s presentation yesterday, many coffee houses were built across London with different interests in mind, such as poetry and philosophy. So, men would go to the coffee houses that were based on their interests. This is similar to different social groups you can find on the internet. For example, if you are interested in soccer, you can join a soccer group versus someone prefers art can be a part of an art group. You can go on your groups at anytime during the day and chat with fellow group members about your practice or about the game you watched on TV while you drink a cup of coffee. This is what is similar about the coffee houses because you could enjoy some coffee while you discussed topics that you are interested in.

However, there is one difference between coffee houses and and the internet that is not the same that I want to point out. As I mentioned before, I do agree that the internet is our coffee house. However, the one difference is that by doing things on the internet, you are not talking face to face. Even if you Facetime someone, you are not in person. At the coffee houses, people could mingle and discuss in person, which would make them a bit more conscious when saying something because they would not want to be physically attacked, whereas on the internet, people may be more likely to speak their mind because they are not going to get the backlash of the person who they offended. Either than that though, I do feel like the internet is our coffee house.

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