Female Education

It is interesting to look at the difference in female education today, and how it differs from the eighteenth century. Back then, women were not given the right to get an education. Their main roles in society were were to follow their father’s wishes until they got married, and for the rest of their lives, women then had to do as their husbands say. The only other thing women were expected to do at this time was to have kids. However, women writers thought differently. They already took it up a notch with writing and publishing their works, which many men and women did not agree with. However, women writers either wrote about or applied it in some of their works that they wanted an education.

For example, Eliza Haywood wrote The Women Spectator stating that women are not in need of protection and frivolous like men make them out to be. Haywood says that the reason women are like this is because they are not receiving the education that men are, so women can not understand the world the way men do. However, Haywood writes if women did, and were allowed to receive the same education that men are receiving, then they would be more independent in the world.

Lady Montagu does something similar in stating that women deserve an education, but she does not flat out write like Haywood did. Instead, she is constantly arguing with male writers, especially Pope. This shows that she believes that women are capable to compete and write just as well as men can, proving that women deserve an education.

While women back in the 18th century thought that women deserved an education. Women today have the right to education, and on the same level as men. As a women, I never had to worry about whether I would be allowed to receive an education or not. In grade 12, the guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to do, and then gave me some schools that had the program I was interested in. She never told me since I am a women that I was not allowed to go to school. My biggest concern is finding time to go ride my horse, which women back in the eighteenth century were also not allowed to go ride a horse without a man with them. Moving back on point, I realize how hard women had back then, and it makes me realize just how lucky I am to have the rights that I have today.

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