My Experience Throughout the Term

When I first signed up for this class, I only did it because I needed the credit because I am am English major, and it fit into my schedule. I honestly thought that 18th century literature would be boring. However, to my surprise, the class turned out to be interesting. I enjoyed hearing the background stories behind some of the writers, such as the exchange between Montague and Pope. I thought their relationship was hilarious because of the way they bantered back and forth.

I also learned how things were done back then that I did not know before taking this class. One of these are the printing press. I always wondered how they printed out newspapers and literature, and when I saw the presentation on how they did it, I was amazed. Printing was the 18th centuries full body workout!

I also learned about the coffee houses. They reminded me a a cafe where you could go sit down with your coffee and a treat and read a good book. Coffee houses sound so nice. I wish someone from today would create a cafe that also has books that I can read while I eat a nice treat. I

So, those are some of the topics I found interesting and learned about for the first time while taking this course. Did you guys enjoy the course, and if so, what? What did you learn that you did not learn before?

One thought on “My Experience Throughout the Term

  1. If I keep teaching this course, maybe someone who has taken it will open an old-style coffeehouse here in Saint John, complete with journal and newspaper subscriptions. Open to everyone, of course; this is the twenty-first century.


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