My Third Position Paper

For my third position, I took a more unorthodox approach. It was slightly more informal because wrote my essay in a letter form. I am pretending to be an tutor of a young boy Spencer, and I want to tutor Northanger Abbey to him. However, I have received a letter from Mrs. Smith, his mother, about her worries of her son reading an novel.

Some of the topics I cover in my position paper is strengthening Spencer’s reading skills, broadening his vocabulary, and helping him to improve his writing skills. In the essay, I know that Mrs. Smith and many others are part of the moral panic of novel reading, but I explain to her that by her son novel reading, not only will it improve his reading skills, his writing skills, and broaden his vocabulary, but by learning these skills it will help him to become a better at socializing with educated men, as well help him to woo the ladies. So, by reading novels, it will not only make him a better reader, but it can also help him become a scholar and find himself an well rounded women.

So those are the reasons I am focusing on in my position paper. I believe I took a different approach from what many of you are doing, but I like the ideas that I am doing, as well as I am enjoying writing this paper. This, by far, has to be my favorite position paper that I have wrote for this class because it was fun writing it as a letter and not an formal paper. What are your ideas for the paper? Are they similar to mine or completely different?

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